A community - scale stone flour mill serving farmers, bakers, and chefs in Northern California



We transform sustainably grown local heirloom grains into uniquely flavorful, fresh, & nutritious flours, rich in character and history.

Within living memory, community mills brought farmers and their customers together through fresh local flour. Bakers knew and appreciated the distinct varieties of grain their bread was made from, where it was grown, and who grew and milled it. That fundamental relationship of transparency and trust between producer and consumer was broken by corporate industrial agriculture, nowhere more than for local grain economies.

Personal connections between producers and consumers were the cornerstone of successful small towns across the country until the advent of corporate agriculture. As food production consolidated into giant centralized processors, the connections between growers, their customers, and their communities were shattered. Though cereal grains are grown on more farmland than any other crop and remain the largest component of our diets, it is practically impossible to know where they were grown or who grew them. As local bakers take the food world by storm, the origins of the flours that go into their offerings are completely opaque.  

Our mission is to reintroduce bakers and chefs to fresh-milled, locally-grown heritage grains and the farmers that grow them.