Capay Mills was inspired by a visit to Italy in 2013 to resurrect time-honored, sustainable approaches to small-scale grain cultivation and flour milling.

Offering an alternative to industrial-scale grain cultivation and processing, our mission is to refamiliarize our customers to the diverse tastes, textures and nutrition of freshly milled flour, stone ground from locally grown heirloom grain. And while offering out of this world flour for demanding bakers and cooks, were bringing back genetic diversity in our grain supply and supporting sustainable, family-scale farmers.  

In modern wheats obsession for consistency and yield weve lost sight of the infinite diversity produced by 7,000 to 10,000 years of cultivation and selective breeding for flavor and resilience- longer than any other crop. Though innumerable historical varieties of wheat have been lost, hundreds of nearly-forgotten varieties remain that, like fine wine, estate grown coffee or varietal chocolate offer unique, individual flavors and personalities. At Capay Mills our traditionally grown, fresh stone-ground flour enables our customers to experience this rich culinary landscape and to rediscover the forgotten pleasures of our most ancient crop.




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